“I attended a beautiful summer camp in Minnesota my uncle owned called Camp Birchwood. All the coolest things I know how to do – I learned to do at camp.”
– Julia Roberts, Actress

“It is so nice to learn how to do something that you thought you could never do. I love Birchwood because here you can just be yourself and you don’t have to act like someone else. You can try new activities that you didn’t even know existed. Also, it’s so pretty with the trees, the lake and all the nature. I love Birchwood!”
– Shira H. (Camper, Minneapolis, MN)

“I want to tell you how delighted I am at the wonderful experience my daughter had at Camp Birchwood. I picked her up on Sunday morning and she was truly brimming with enthusiasm and happiness. She told me that Birchwood is her “second home”. I attribute much of this positive experience to your skill at hiring and training talented students as counselors. My daughter raved about the kindness and warmth of her counselors. These women were instrumental in ensuring that Erin had a wonderful time. I really commend you for training and motivating your entire camp staff to put forth such a positive, enthusiastic face to all the campers.”
– Carol M. (Camper Mother, Winnetka IL)

“At Birchwood my favorite activities are journalism, pottery, and horseback riding. I like Birchwood so much because here you can just be yourself. The counselors are awesome too…they are just so helpful and nice.”
– Kendall E. (Camper, Alexandria, Virginia)

“I’ve worked with about 125 camps in the past years and I sincerely mean this when I say it… you guys are the NICEST camp I have ever worked with. I never say “goodbye” to friends like you because I will always want to stay in touch.”
–Lauren B. (International Staff Placement Coordinator, California)

“Thank you again for everything. As parents, we want you and Terry to know what a wonderful experience Camp Birchwood is for Sarah and what a positive influence you have had on her overall maturation and development as a young lady.”
–Mary K. (Camper Mother, Chicago IL)

“At Birchwood you can feel comfortable with yourself while also being able to notice what you need to improve about yourself.”
–Emma R. (Camper, Los Angeles, CA)

“Camp Birchwood has played a crucial part in making me the person I am today. I am a person who will lead anyone, adapt anywhere and be a person anyone can trust in any situations.
–Sofia S. (Camper & Staff Member, St. Louis, Missouri)

“Camp has made me, in my opinion, a much stronger person, with more confidence, better leadership skills, and all around, a better person.”
–Joanna S. (Camper & Staff Member, Chicago, IL)

“Thank you so much for the fabulous time I had at camp! This was my first time staying for 4 weeks and I LOVED it!! I’ll never forget all the friends I have made or how fun it was to live in my cabin. Thank you for creating a place where I can be myself. I feel like more of a person at camp than I do anywhere else.”
–Carolyn E. (Camper, Winston-Salem, North Carolina)

“At Birchwood you can be yourself, not wear makeup, wear pajamas to breakfast, blurt out the camp songs even if you’re off key… I think every year I come home changed in a positive way, so every year at camp has really shaped who I am as a person today.
–Emily O. (Camper, Ames, Iowa)

“Thank you and Camp Birchwood for helping Stacy become the terrific young lady that she is today. The experiences my daughter has had at Birchwood have prepared her for well for her future endeavors.”
–Pam C. (Camper Mom, Minneapolis, Minnesota)

“You are truly the gold standard when it comes to summer camps. The most unbelievable part was to understand how much my children matured over the two weeks.”
–Therese M. (Camper Mom, Minneapolis, Minnesota)

“My daughter’s best qualities are enhanced by her days at Birchwood.”
–Nonie N. (Camper Mom, Witchita, Kansas)

“Our girl’s finest memories are from Camp Birchwood, and their amazing summers there. Literally, they share a room and their walls, as well as the computer screen are wallpapered in scnes from Camp Birchwood over the years. Its’ a sight to see! It has brought our family so much joy. My husband and I never went to sleep away camp so we find ourselves living vicariously through them. We cannot thank you and your family enough for the positive experience camp has given our daughters”
–Margaret L. (Camper Parent, Chicago IL)


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