Unlike most camps, our tuition is “all-inclusive”. Other than travel expenses and camp store purchases, all services and activities are included in the one fee. For your convenience, tuition payments are due over time. The sooner you enroll, the more time you have to pay off your balance. Families who enroll during the month of October receive $100 off the cost of tuition AND a limited-edition longsleeve t-shirt (mailed in January). Payment plans are outlined below according to the month in which you enroll:

$900 down, $1000 due Jan 1, remaining balance due May 1.
November & December:
$1000 down, $1000 due Jan 1, remaining balance due May 1.
January, February, March & April:
$2000 down, remaining balance due on May 1.
May, June, July:
The full cost of tuition is due upon enrollment.

We accept personal checks and all major credit cards. If you choose "auto-billing" we take the liberty of charging your card on your payment due dates. Otherwise, you receive an invoice in the mail prior to your payment due date, at which time you mail in a check or call us to charge the amount to a credit card.

Cancellations prior to summer result in a full refund minus $200. Refunds are NOT provided if the cancellation occurs within 30 days of the camper’s session start date. A refund is not provided if the camper is removed from the program at any time.


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